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Piccolino Ristorante
552 Broadway
NJ 07002

TEL: 201-436-8800

Coming from Staten Island
Take a Bayonne Bridge to get inside Bayonne from Staten Island.
Take the Kennedy Blvd North EXIT.
Kennedy Blvd is a 2-way street and you will be driving north.
You will notice the cross streets increase ,
eg, 4th Street, then 5th Street, then 6th Street etc..
When you reach 25th St., make a right.
The 2nd traffic light is Broadway the corner of 25th St. and Broadyway Ave.
We are right at the corner.

Coming from Jersey City
Jersey City is next door to Bayonne.
There are several ways to reach our restaurant from Jersey City.
The two ways we would reccomend are from Route 440 South and Kennedy Blvd South.
If you take 440 South...keep driving until you reach the 30th St. exit.
Route 440 runs parallel to Broadway. So you should keep driving right.
After crossing a couple of traffic lights you should reach Broadway.
At this point you will be at the cross section of Broadway and 30th St.
You need to get to 25th St and Broadway. So make a left at this point to head south on Broadway.
We are in the corner of Broadway and the 25th.